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Procom Racing - S1 Turbochargers - R35 GTR

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THE CONCEPT: S1 - The Starting Point

An entry level turbo that offers much more than entry level power. The Procom Racing S1 turbochargers are capable of 150whp+ over stock turbochargers while maintaining factory spool up and transient response. The S1's are the starting point in our upcoming line of stock-frame turbochargers for the Nissan GTR. In development for well over a year, they offer the latest in aerodynamics and turbocharger technology.


When we first set out to design this line of stock-frame turbochargers we had one goal in mind for the S1's - Maximum output while retaining as close to factory response as possible. The S1's were originally designed for the GTR owner that wants to retain the factory engine and transmission while still being able to see a large increase power. We set the bar at only 700whp and over many months of R&D we were to far surpass those goals. Not only we were able to increase overall output to 755whp, but we were also able to do this while offering no drawback in response. The graph below illustrates the same GTR with stock turbochargers vs. the Procom Racing S1's.


- Compressor: 49mm inducer / 62mm exducer

- Turbine: Factory turbine with proprietary modifications.


The Procom Racing name is synonymous with quality and our products share the same meaning. These turbochargers stand apart from the competition in many more ways than strictly performance figures.


- Latest Turbocharger Technology:

The S1's are the culmination of months and months of development. They offer a proprietary upgraded Billet compressor wheel with a modified factory turbine wheel for increased response and exhaust flow.

- Fully Rebuilt Units:

Given these turbochargers work on a core exchange program, every S1 unit starts it's life with different mileage than your vehicle may have. In an effort to mitigate this concern and offer the highest possible quality turbocharger, every unit is rebuilt from the ground up, INCLUDING the center cartridges (unlike many other manufactures). This ensures that every turbocharger is as close to new as possible. During the rebuild process any repairs needed are made and the entire unit is torn down, cleaned, and inspected before being converted into an S1.

- 12-month / Unlimited Mileage Warranty:

Every turbocharger is covered by a 12-month / Unlimited Mileage Warranty. This warranty fully covers ANY defect in the turbocharger from parts or craftsmanship. We stand behind every product and the S1 is no different.

This warranty DOES NOT cover any damaged caused from particulates in your oil, improper installation, failing to prime turbochargers before initial start, you dropped bolt into the intake, you stripped a bolt, or any other stupidity. If a turbocharger is sent in for inspection not under warranty, that turbocharger is subject to a $750 rebuild / inspection fee.


Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from order completion and cores received.


The S1's are offered on a core-exchange basis. We offer many options to suit any need. There is a $1500.00 core charge assessed on all units. To avoid this core charge you may opt to send in your factory OEM turbos for inspection before the S1's are shipped. All turbos are inspected an assessed for damage before return of your core charge. Superficial damage (broken studs, bolts, etc) can be repaired and that amount will be deducted from your core charge refund. physical damage to turbochargers (cracked manifolds, exterior damage, etc) may result in a core refusal.

Please read our policies section for more detailed information (Scroll down to "Core Charges & Repairs") : https://www.procomracing.com/policies


Optional gasket kit includes the following:

  • Nissan OEM R35 GTR exhaust manifold gasket. (x2)
  • Nissan OEM R35 GTR RH turbocharger-downpipe gasket.
  • Nissan OEM R35 GTR LH turbocharger-downpipe gasket.
  • Nissan OEM R35 GTR inlet pipe gasket. (x2)
  • Nissan OEM R35 GTR turbocharger oil drain gasket. (x2)

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