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Align / Corner Balance

One of the most crucial aspects of vehicle handling is alignment and corner balance. A proper wheel alignment is essential to improve tire wear, stability and most importantly improve handling. Not all alignment facilities are the same. Procom Racing is specially equipped to handle lowered vehicles and has the latest alignment equipment to handle all types of alignments, from OEM spec to race-ready. Our Visaligner machine is state of the art and is equiped with advanced imagery accurate to 0.001". It measures tire diameter and roll out, as well as dimensionalizes the chassis to make sure not only your alignment is straight, but so is the chassis itself. All of this technology is patented and will be found in no other brand aligner. It's this level of sophistication and technology, along with a top-notch team, that seperates a Procom Racing alignment from anyone else!

Corner balancing: One of the most overlooked aspect of car’s handling can be corner balancing. Corner balancing can be achieved on cars equipped with a height adjustable coilover system. A properly corner balanced car will ride better, have more predictable weight transfer, be able to brake harder and deeper, will be able to launch harder with more traction, and will be more stable at high speeds. Having a corner balance will significantly drop your times at the circuit track, autocross, drag strip and even improve traction for drifting.

OEM Spec Alignment :


This is for cars with lowering springs or stock suspension and no aftermarket links or bumpsteer kits, bushings, etc. Alignment will be adjusted to OEM specs.






*prices will vary depending on modifications*

Race Spec Alignment:


This is for cars with coilovers and/or adjustable links, bumpsteer, bushing kits, etc. Alignment will be adjusted to customer’s requirements. 



Average Time: 1 - 2 hrs



*prices will vary depending on modifications*

Corner Balacning:


For most cars, this will take up to 3 hours. You must make an appointment. We recommend getting corner balance done first, before your alignment.



Average Time: 2 - 3 hrs



*prices will vary depending on modifications*

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