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Procom Racing's fabrication division holds itself in high regard and ranks among the top in the country. Our welders, fabricators, and machinists have the experience and ability to handle your fabrication needs in a highly efficient and professional manner.


Roll Cages: We've completed countless chassis projects in house at Procom Racing. From basic harness bars, to SCCA road course cages, to NHRA. It can be handled in house from design to completion. Contact us to learn More. 

- All parts are designed using C.A.D. & Solid Works programs.

- Parts are assembled using top quality CNC and waterjet pieces.

- Our fabrication department is equipped with many production quality welders and manufacturer-grade tools.

- Parts go through rigorous inspection and quality control before delivery.  

- We specialize in welding many metals including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, mild steel, and more. 

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