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Dyno Testing

Dyno Testing services are offered on our in-house, All-Wheel-Drive, Mustang MD-AWD-500 dyno by appointment only. We are capable of testing any FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicle. 

Please ensure that your vehicle is fully prepared to be tested. We can handle anything you’d need done to prepare the car for the dyno, by appointment. We cannot stress enough that the car must be in perfect running condition when it arrives to be dyno tested. Any leaks will be subject to a clean-up fee, and no repairs can be made on the dyno. The dyno is a testing apparatus and is not the place to find out what needs to be fixed. Any problems experienced on the dyno will end the testing session until repairs can be made. It is suggested that you make an appointment prior to your test session for the techs at Procom to go over the car and address any issues that the vehicle may have.

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