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Engine Building

​With years of engine building experience, we've seen and built most engine combinations. From simple drop-in piston builds, to 1000whp+ capable engines, we can build it for you here at Procom Racing. We use the most advanced machining and assembly practices in the industry. At our facility we have a dedicated clean room for engine assembly. This ensures a perfectly sterile and climate controlled environment for the most accurate measurements and ensures no particulates end up inside of your fresh engine. We use only the most precise measuring tools available, measurable down to 0.0001". Once engines are assembled and built they are shrink-wrapped for shipping or they make their way out to our completion shop for installation and break in.

To discuss a custom engine build you'd like, simply give us a call or come by the shop. We're gear heads like you, we'd love to sit down and talk about a build with you and find out what direction is best for your needs.

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