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EvoX: Less Is More!

So you want to go fast in a stock-like Evo X? We've got the set up for you! A few simple bolt ons to net you a huge return.


This Evo started out as many do...the new daily. We had recently completed Paul's latest project, a 600+whp GST (car made a max of 620whp before loosing traction on the dyno). The GST was at a crossroad where, he would either be happy with the car as it were, or we would be upgrading many major components in the car to take it to the next level. The decision was made to part ways with the GST and focus our attention on the Evo. A true racer at heart, he would never be content leaving it be. The larger goal with the Evo was a 9-second street car, since the track season was already here, the short term goal was to have some fun with the stock turbo and engine until winter, where we could start the major build process.


This Evo was a very simple formula of go-fast parts to optimize the set up. We've highlighted all components below.


- AMS Cast Downpipe

- Buschur Racing Catback Exhaust


- ETS FMIC w/ 3" Core

- STM 3" Intake

- Forge Wastegate Actuator


ID1300 Fuel Injectors

Walbro 450 Fuel Pump

Boomba Fuel Rail (-8 feed / -6 return)


- Exedy Triple Plate Clutch

- D2 / STM Drag Spec Suspention

- STM Drag Brake Kit w/ Staging Brake

- M/H 24.5 Slicks

Engine Management:

- Cobb V3 AccessPORT

- Cobb PROtune by Procom Racing

Race Weight:


The car was initially tuned with out the Forge wastegate actuator and make ~395whp / 430wtq at 30psi with the help of E85 fuel. Off to the track we went! The first pass out on the car we ran 11.22@119. To our surprise, that was enough to secure the second place spot on the EvoX stock turbo & engine list. It wasn't our intention to go after a record with this set up, but doing that well right off the trailer really got us thinking. Back to the shop we went.


Our second night wasn't quite as magical as the first night. Clutch issues plagued the night. The Comp street clutch that was installed on the car from purchase was just about at it's limit and would not disengage at high RPM. The next day we swapped that clutch for an Exedy Triple Plate clutch and also added the Forge wastegate actuator and retuned the car to extract as much as feasible from the set up. This round on E85 and the same 30psi, we were able to extract 430whp / 465wtq. We also added the small brake kit and slicks and headed back to Atco raceway. Our third visit to Atco we were able to reset our previous best to 11.0 @ 122.9 with a 1.62 60'. With Atco's race season coming to a close, we finished our season with a rental at Maryland International Raceway / MIR.


December 9th we headed down to MIR to either break a record or break the car. We unloaded the car and shook down the car with a few eighth mile passes. Now being able to dial in the 60' into the 1.4's we felt pretty good about smashing the current ET record (10.96). The car was much faster in the eighth during out shake down passes and it was time to run it out. Unfortunately transmission issues (1st gear pop-out with a 60' any better than 1.6) cut our day short for the ET record with a best ET of the day of 11.18, but with a soft 60' we were able to secure the MPH record with 124.08 (11.18ET on that pass) Overall best ET: 11.0 / best MPH: 124.09.


With winter settling in, we met a cross road. Track season was over and build season was upon us. Do we start the larger build for next year, or do we prep the car for racing in the spring and wrap up some "unfinished business" we were able to claim the "Fastest" part of the record, but the "Quickest" part of the record had eluded us by 0.04 seconds and it didn't sit well with us knowing that the car had it in it. After a couple weeks of heavy debate, Paul decided to take neither route. The decision was made to put the car back to stock and enter into a new venture. A 2013 Nissan GTR. Check back for another wicked build and, surely, a write-up to follow. -STAY TUNED-


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