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SPEC SHEET: Type-RAw Power

Limited edition vehicle models have been popular with many auto manufactures lately. From the BMW 1M, Porsche 911R, the Mustang GT350R and many more. Well now Subaru has stepped up to the plate with the Subaru WRX STi Type-RA. Subaru had produced various "Type-RA" models in the past, but this is a first for the US market place. The Type-RA in this article is one of only 500 produced for the US (#87 of 500 to be exact). Beyond the standard STi features we all know, the Type-RA comes with an enhanced aero package, upgraded suspension, a bit of weight reduction, an increase in power with bump up to 310bhp, and a couple other small bits and pieces on the interior and exterior.

All this aside when the exclusivity of a limited production car isn't enough, where do you turn? In this case, #87's new owner turned to us, Procom Racing. This car was purchased in CT and with only 11miles on the chassis, it was placed on a transport truck and shipped here for some extensive modifications.


For this owner, the 310bhp from the factory wasn't nearly enough. He requested a daily-capable car that could be driven in any and all conditions, all while almost tripling it's power output. No problem...


We built this car based on a package we produce regularly here, so the formula was fairly simple. The build process started at the heart of the vehicle...the engine. We opted for our S4 Shortblock, which were then mated our S2+ Cylinder Heads with the help of ARP 625 head studs. A Crawford Performance air / oil separator helps manage the crankcase pressure in and out of the engine block and helping to keep coolant temps managed is a CSF aluminum radiator.

From here, we move to engine management and fuel system. This particular engine runs on the stock ECU. The ECU is then tuned via a Cobb AccessPORT with a Cobb Flex Fuel Kit. This allows us the ability to run the car on either 93oct pump fuel, E100, and any ethanol blend in-between with seamless integration. The tune will automatically blend between it's pump fuel tune and E100 tune based on the ethanol content reported to the ECU. What this means is that if you're running E85 in the car and you need to fill up with pump fuel for any reason, you don't need to change maps on your AccessPORT, the ECU will make the necessary adjustments by itself automatically.

The fuel system on this car is comprised of a Radium dual-pump hanger in the fuel tank. That hanger houses two Walbro 450 ethanol-compatible fuel pumps. Fuel is then ran to our Procom Racing "Firewall-Forward" fuel kit, that then feeds a set of Injector Dynamics ID1700 injectors.

Moving on, lets talk about the induction system. An engine is merely an air pump; the more air we move through it efficiently, the more fuel we can burn, and the more power we can make. Helping us move more air is an ETS turbo kit that houses a Garrett GTX35R turbocharger. As that air charge gets compressed in the turbocharger, a by-product is heat...LOTS of it. To bring that air charge down to a more manageable temperature is an ETS intercooler kit with a 3.5" intercooler core. This heat exchanger allows us to drastically drop the temperature of the air charge, making the air more dense and increasing our power output.

All this power would be just about useless if we can't get it to the ground. So lets talk about the drivetrain in this car. The drivetrain for this build is actually incredibly simple. The factory STi six-speed is extremely capable of transferring the power from the engine to the ground without experiencing any breakages. The stock clutch however...won't. We upgrade the factory Exedy clutch to an Exedy Twin-Disk Clutch with a heavy duty pressure plate. This clutch is rated for 615wtq, but is also able to provide a stock-like feel and driveablilty. It's simply the best possible clutch for the application. From there, the rest of the drivetrain remains stock and we gained style points with the help of Eibach lowering springs and Perrin 20mm Spacers.


From the factory, the WRX STi Type-RA produces 310bhp, after this round of modifications, the engine out put is now a very stout 880bhp. This is the equivalent of 704whp.

POWER AT THE WHEELS: 704whp / 585wtq

All this makes for a car that's a blast to drive, subtle and well kept on the street, and makes for a very reliable set up. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and stay tuned for many more like it to come! Now check out the full spec sheet below for full detail on this build!




-Procom Racing S4 Shortblock

- AEBS Sleeved Block Case Halves

- STi Forged Crankshaft

- Manley Turbo-Tuff Connecting Rods

- Manley Turbo-Tuff Pistons

- King Main and Connecting Rod Bearings

-Procom Racing S2+ Cylinder Heads

- GSC S2 Camshafts

- GSC +1mm Intake and Exhaust Valves

- GSC Beehive Valve Springs

- Procom Racing S2+ CNC Cylinder Head Porting Program

-Procom Racing PRO-Series Oil Filter Adaptor w/ Wix Street Filter

-APR Custom Age 625+ Headstuds

-Crawford Performance AOS

-CSF Aluminum Radiator


-Cobb V3 AccessPORT

-Cobb Flex Fuel Kit with Fuel Pressure Monitoring

-Omni 4-bar MAP Sensor


-Radium Engineering Dual Pump Fuel Hanger

-Walbro 450 Fuel Pumps (x2)

-Procom Racing "Firewall Forward" Fuel Kit

- Perrin 6-port Fuel Pressure Regulator

- Torque Solutions Fuel Rails

- AN Fuel Line (-6an)

-Injector Dynamics ID1700 Fuel Injectors (1700cc)


-ETS Rotated Turbo Kit

-ETS Exhaust Manifold

-ETS Intercooler Kit w/ 3.5" Core

-Garrett GTX3582 Gen II Turbocharger

-Tial Q 50mm Blow-Off Valve

-Tial 44mm MVR Wastegate

-Invidia R400 Cat-Back Exhaust System

-Torque Solutions CNC TGV Housings


-Exedy HD Twin Disk Clutch Kit

-Eibach "Sport" Lowering Springs

-Perrin Performance 20mm Wheel Spacers

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