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GTR: 9.71@140.7 - Stock Turbos / Engine


With the 2016 race season coming to a close, we set out to see where our shop R35 stood after months of R&D with some new, soon to be offered, bolt-on parts. We attended a private track rental with a few clients at Atco Raceway in Atco, NJ. We had zero expectations for the car, it had been running at this power level for quite some time and while we had great dyno results, we had no true track data. Now's the time!


A relatively simple formula, the car was your average FBO / Ethanol set up. We've high-lighted the modifications below.


- Procom Racing Cast Downpipes

- Procom Racing Custom Turn-Downs


- Procom Racing "Street Series" FMIC

- Procom Racing 3" Intakes - MAF

- Turbosmart Wastegate Actuators

- DBA Turbo Inlet Pipes


- ID1300 Fuel Injectors

- Aeromotive Stealth 325 Fuel Pumps

- Ethanol


- Shep Stage 2 Transmission

- Hoosier 28x10 Slicks

- Nitto NT555R (305/40/18)

Engine Management:

- Cobb V3 AccessPORT

- Cobb PROtune by Procom Racing

Race Weight:


This car yielded 585whp / 600wtq @ 20psi on our Mustang dyno. (Approx: 670whp / 670wtq on a dynojet)


We made an initial shake-down pass on ~13psi and went 10.69@128.1mph. Not a bad start. Our first hard pass on the car yielded a fairly unexpected result, 9.82@139.1. This was an AWESOME starting point and we continued to dial in the car through out the day making a total of five passes to to our final run of 9.71@140.7. Making this GTR the fastest stock engine / stock turbo GTR in the universe!

With winter swiftly approaching we're unsure if we will push for the overall record as this car's new set up is currently sitting on an engine stand waiting for installation. Definitely an awesome series of passes and finally gave us the track-proven results we were looking for. Be on the look out for possible updates as well as official parts release! - STAY TUNED -

- LL

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